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Soccer Drills and Practice Plans

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Fun to Use Soccer Drills

Soccer drills need to be fun for kids and should also teach the fundamentals of soccer. Our soccer drills are easy to teach, fun for the kids and keep your practice moving. If you are coaching a youth soccer team for the first time or an experienced coach, soccer drills will be an important part of your practice.

Coaching Youth Soccer

Coaching youth soccer can be a great experience, but challenging. Our coaching soccer program has been built by coaches that know youth soccer. By following our soccer practice plans and drills you will increase your experience and your players. You want the kids coming back.

Soccer Practice Plans

Many soccer coaches come to practice not prepared and ready to coach. Being prepared, organized and fitted with a soccer practice plan and drill, you will provide your soccer team with a positive learn experience. The kids will enjoy being at practice and will enjoy learning soccer.

Youth Soccer Drills For All Levels

Youth soccer drills and practice plans are designed for all ages of youth soccer. Soccer drills for beginner players (U5, U6, U7) and intermediate players (U8, U9, U10, U11). If you're coaching youth soccer for the first time or are an experience coach, our program will add value to your practice


“My youth soccer team really enjoyed the drills, and so did I.”

Thank you, Coach Alverson

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Soccer Passing Drill - "Partner Passing"

  This is the most basic drill to get young athletes comfortable with passing and trapping: 1)  Have two players stand between 5 and 10 yards apart (depending on age of players) with one soccer ball; 2)  After the basic...