Kicking the soccer ball is one thing, head butting it is quit another. It's amazing that more soccer players don't have black eyes and broken noses, or soccer ball patterns branded on their forehead from headbutting the ball. If you don't know how to properly head butt a soccer ball, you can easily injure yourself, or worse, turn the ball over to the other team. On that note, here are 3 tips on how to headbutt a soccer ball the right way, with losing some blood or the game.

1. Don't close your eyes.
No, I'm not referring to cheesy 1980s rock ballad by glamour rock band Kix, I'm referring to keeping your eyes open when a large object is coming towards your face. If you close your eyes while that ball is aimed at your cranium, you have no idea where it's going to land or where it's going to go.

2. Have a plan.
Are you deflecting a goal shot or passing to another player? Simply hitting the ball with your head is not good enough, you have to have a plan of action to keep the ball in play and in your possession.

3. Use your back, not your neck.
Throwing your neck back like a tomahawk is a surefire way to get whiplash, not a trophy. Try to keep your neck straight and use your body and back to hit the ball instead.