Mastering the ball as if you have complete control over it is the key to becoming a great soccer player. Check out some of the all time great soccer players and notice how they effortlessly maneuver the ball like it was putty in their hands – this is want you want to do. The trick to having complete control over the ball is learning how it reacts with your body, and mastering that reaction. Here's a list of a few parts of your body that you can use in soccer to control the ball, and what they are best used for.

1. Head
Head butting the ball can have several purposes, like deadening a high kick or forwarding another player's kick down the field. Read our section on head butting the learn more about this soccer trick.

2. Chest
Since you can't move your chest very far like you can your arm or leg, the chest is best for deadening the ball and dropping it to your knee or foot.

3. Knee
Either knee can be used to juggle the ball into position for the feet after a mid kick.

4. Inside of foot.
Your main weapon to control the ball and score. The inside of the foot is ideal for long kicks and short passes.

5. Outside of foot.
Usually used to control the ball or block a kick, though it can be used for short passes.