Drill Set-Up:  Line up two groups of players 25 feet from the goal.  One group will be the crossers and the other group will be the shooters (scorers).  The crossing group will be aligned against the right side of the field, and the shooter on the left.  Both groups should be wide enough to allow for a full pass and shoot.

The Drill:

  • The coach will pass the ball ahead of crosser who is running into the pass.  The crosser will oen-touch is down the line and on the 2nd touch will cross it over to the shooter running into the goal-scoring positions.
  • Shooter should try to finish on one touch. The key is to accept the pass (cross) and to quickly shoot it towards the goal.  Accuracy and control is important

Key Point:   Crosser should try to kick the outside of the ball to create spin away from the goalie.  The shooter's timer is important:  Don't want to be early or late. 

Turn this into a game:  Keep track of the number of times the shooters score.   Give each side an opportuntiy to run through the drill 3 times than switch sides. 

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