"The Snake Drill"

This soccer drills helps work on the skill of ball control and dribbling (speed , back & forth movement)

 Drill Set Up:  Divide your youth players into 2 lines facing each other. Depending on age, (youngest) 20 yards apart or (older) from one end of field to the other.  You can use cones at first to assist with providing lanes for the player to dribble or for more advanced players, without cones.

 The Drill:  First player dribbles ball  down field in a snake like pattern to the next player who takes the ball and dribbles back to the other end (original starting point). Continue until each player has had a turn.

 Coach’s Tip 1: Encourage the players to keep their feet close to the ground and use short strides. To stay in control of the ball, players need to keep the ball close to them down the field.

 Coach’s Tip2: Have each player use different parts of their foot (outside, inside, sole) to maneuver ball down the field. If time allows, have the players only use the outside of their foot all the way down the first time, then change to inside and so on.

 Challenge: Divide players into 2 teams (4 lines).  Place cones down field.  Have players race from one end to the other, in snake like movement, between the cones.