Keep Away

  Skill: Defense (blocking)

 Drill Set Up: All players form a large circle.  Have 2 defenders (defense) in the middle.

The Drill: Players (passers) around the circle pass to each other while the defenders (inside the circle) move to stop or deflect the ball.  IF the defender blocks or knocks the ball out of the circle, the passer becomes the defender inside the circle and goes on the defense. 

Coach’s Tip:  If you have a young team or new players to the sport and they do not voluntarily want to be defenders, coaches can chose the first 2 defenders.  If one of the defenders blocks, or intercepts the ball then they both get to come out. The passer becomes defender. The defender then chooses their replacement.  This encourages teamwork and fairness.

Challenge:  Have the passers around the circle complete X # of consecutive passes (10 or so). Then the defenders must block or knock the ball out 2 times before they can come out and become new passers.