Pass & Shoot

 Skill: Shooting (passing, long range shooting)

Drill Set Up: Use only half of the soccer field.  Set up two goals facing each other.  Divide the players into 2 teams. Have half of the players on one team line up on one side of goal #1 and the other half at goal #2.  

The Drill: Players at goal #1 have the balls. First player (goal #1) passes ball to middle.  Teammate from goal #2 runs out and stops ball with foot then shoots into goal (#1).  After shot, players change sides (goals).  Teams and players alternate turns.

Coach’s Tip: Players need to get to ball quickly; learn to stop ball with one foot and shoot ball with other foot while on the run.

Coach’s Tip: Change starting goal so that players will have to use their other foot to stop and shoot the ball.

Challenge: First team to score 10 goals wins.