This is the most basic drill to get young athletes comfortable with passing and trapping:

    1)  Have two players stand between 5 and 10 yards apart (depending on age of players) with one soccer ball;

    2)  After the basic instruction of passing and trapping has been demonstrated, have the players pass back and forth for about 3  minutes, working on hitting solid ground passes, trapping the ball and then hitting a pass back;

    3)  After 3 minutes, have the players move back 3 steps and proceed with (#2) again.

    4)  Keep moving the players back until they reach their maximum passing range (between 10-20 yards depending on age. 

    5)  Proceed to move the players closer together again until they reach the 10 yard distance again.

    6)  Each distance should be practiced for 3 minutes, which will make this drill last somewhere between 12-15 minutes.